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Emergency Water Damage Restoration – Everything you need to know about it.


Water-Flood Damage picture showing flood in Living Room

Most of us are not morning people, we need at least half an hour and a cup of coffee to function properly and lead the day ahead.

Now imagine waking up and finding your bedroom a shallow pool of water around 1-2 ft deep. I can already see the vein popping on your forehead because of the water damage.

The important question here is, how are you gonna save yourself and your house from this catastrophe and what do you need to do to ensure minimal damage?

Whether you are going to call a Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration Service or figure out everything on your own.

But, if you wanna know how you can get out of this mess without burning a giant hole in your pocket, this is just the article for you.

1. First Aids for water damage in Murrells Inlet, SC.

 First, you need to turn off the main switch of the electricity and gas supply lines to minimize any further damage and disastrous accidents. After that, you need to find the central cause of this watery pool in your house. It could be an old water pipe that burst open or likely, a flood that found its way in through the rickety basement shaft. 

In either situation, you need to shut down the main water line of your house, so it doesn’t add to your current problems. Move all your electronic appliances and any other important belongings to higher ground. That’ll save you a ton of short-circuiting and wash away damages.

2. Assessing water damage in Murrells Inlet, SC.

Assess written on Wooden Cubes

You need to assess all the areas of your house which are filled with water and take pictures of the affected areas before doing damage control for the documentation of insurance claims.

And, if that’s too much on your plate then you just need to call our emergency flood cleanup services, serving in the Murrells Inlet, Horry, & Georgetown Counties. 

In emergency flood cleanup, we perform a series of activities ranging from assessing the damages, flood water extraction to water damage restoration which will not only fix or restore your household but also get it up and running along with proper documentation to back you up for the insurance claims.

So if you wanna make sure that you are covered and don’t end up needing a tussle with the claims person after going through 2 days of hell, calm down! And just give us a call.

3. Cleanup and restoration against water damage By Shaw’s Steam Cleaning and Restoration in Murrells Inlet, SC

Shaw’s water damage cleaning and restoration services involve 5 stages, providing instant action against water damage and bringing back your house in order as if nothing has happened. 

  • Water Extraction – We use powerful industrial motors, to extract water from your house, thus reducing the damage to a minimum.Water Extraction Process
  • After damage inspection – In this stage, we perform various types of inspections to plan out what needs to be replaced and what can be restored back to undamaged form.Bathroom Tile Cleanup - Shaw's Carpet Dry-Cleaning
  • Damage restoration – At this stage, our cleanup team uses powerful drying machines to remove any damage that could form any mold on your hardwood floor or wooden storage panels.Commercial Space Cleanup - Shaw's Carpet Dry-Cleaning
  • Wood Rejuvenation – At this stage, we apply special solutions and polish to bring back the wood to bring back your hardwood floors and wooden furniture and cabinets to their undamaged form.Hardwood Floor Rejuvenation
  • After cleanup quality inspection – In this stage, our cleanup team does a final inspection to ensure that everything has been taken care of.Inspection

4. Results after cleanup done by Shaw’s Steam Cleaning and Restoration.

Once our team is done, you can take a sigh of relief and smile, for your house has been restored to the condition it was before. With the least amount of time. And you have everything you need to claim the expenses from the insurance company.

Below you can see the restoration done by our technicians.

Office Cleaning - Shaw's Carpet Dry-Cleaning Commercial Space Cleanup - Shaw's Carpet Dry-CleaningBasement Cleanup - Shaw's Carpet Dry-CleaningCarpet Cleaning

5. Conclusion.

Now the only question left to discuss is Why us?

Here’s Why?

  • We serve over 66 Towns & Cities in South and North Carolina.
  • We do not subcontract our work to third parties, You will get a full-time professional from Shaw’s Carpet Cleaning.
  • We provide professional results at affordable prices and give you the best value for your money.
  • We are committed to providing 5-star service to every client, every time. We are committed to providing   5-star service to every client, every time. Visit our Google, and Facebook pages to read what our clients are saying about us.

Don’t burden yourself, just give us a call and get ready to witness the best quality restoration service.

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